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amigo pizza and more home delivery service vaterstetten

orderonline your favorite meals. pizza, pasta, indian, chinese, mexican and much more home delivery service in vaterstetten choose from the online menu your pizza, pasta, chop suey, curry and much more. Make yourself comfortable and choose from the current Amigo delivery menue in Vaterstetten.

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    • Amigo Home Delivery Service Vaterstetten- English menue
      Zugspitzstrasse 1, 85591 Vaterstetten
        • Eis, English menu, Pizza, asiatisch
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      10,00 € - 25,00 €
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      Heute11:00 - 14:15
      17:00 - 22:45
Amigo salads
  • Please note:Extras will become available upon adding an item to your order . Each salad will be served with joghurt dressing, herb salad sauce, balsamico or without sauce.
    239.fresh saladg,c,3
  • 240.cucumber saladg,c,3
  • 241.bean salad with herb-vinegar-oil6 white beans, onions, peppers & olives
  • 242.mixed saladgreen salad with cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes & peppers
  • 243.Greek saladg mixed salad with feta cheese, olives & peppers
  • 244.salad Nicoisec,d,f,6 mixed salad with tuna, anchovies, olives and egg
  • 245.tomato salad with balsamic dressingg Mozzeralla, tomatoes and fresh basil + pizza bread
  • 246.salad with shrimpsb,c,g mixed salad with feta cheese, peppers, olives, egg & shrimps
  • 247.amigo saladb,c,g,2,3,6,7,14 with feta cheese, peppers, olive, egg, corn, artichokes, shrimp and ham
  • 248.salad with chickeng mixed salad with feta cheese & fried chicken
  • 250.Mexican salad6 mixed salad with kidney beans, corn, peppers, olive, mushrooms & onions
  • 251.tomato salad with onions & balsamic dressing
  • 252.Chef saladc,g,2,3,6,7,14 mixed salad with cheese, olives, Egg & Ham
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